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"MOLOCH: The Vatican Cellars"

Date of Article: 28th October 2017

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MOLOCH is the musical alter-ego of Fabian Filiks from Opole in Poland. 

Just prior to the launch of the 32 track (Double CD) 'The Vatican Cellars' (Released through Via Nocturna) The Nice Rooms interrupted MOLOCH's busy schedule and managed to grab an exclusive interview for the webzine.

"Returning from the bottomless pits of cold beyond, eleven years since his debut, the dungeon synth / dark synth master is ready to unfold his legacy. You may have heard about his black metal endeavour ZORORMR that stirred the pot in 2015. This time, guitars aside, it's time for a true journey through time and space…"

Moloch, welcome to The Nice Rooms. This is, in effect, two 'firsts' for the webzine: a Polish musician and 'Dungeon Synth'

I’ve been playing music since I was a child. Learned to play the piano for 6 years or so, self-tought myself the guitar and the bass. I’m no vituoso but you can say that I am a multi-instrumentalist. I know the basics of wind instruments as well. I come from a family that had some musical traditions. Some of my family members played the piano, some played the violin. Some even were contracted philharmonic performers. Music has always been an important part of my live. It’s something that I would call a constant for me and one of the most important things in my life.

How would you best describe 'Dungeon Synth'?

Well, depends on how you look at it. I don’t like labels, I don’t think that they are solid. Music is something that needs description not two words. If I think of dungeon synth I hear old MORTIIS recordings, old BURZUM and WONGRAVEN. But there are many more artists that use synthesisers to create eerie, atmospheric songs. Inspired by medieval times, Lord of the Rings, horror movies and so on. I, for my part, think of myself as a musician. And that’s that.

I need to ask you about your musical influences because people always do in interviews don't they?  :)

Looking at my background I would say that classical music was always a big influence for me. Chopin, Tschaikovsky, Mussorgsky, Dvorak – the list can go forever. I always loved to listen to music from films written by greats like Morricone, Williams, Vangelis and so on. They are a rock solid base for all my musical endeavours. Of course I do listen to a lot of heavy metal, rock, hip-hop and electronic dance music. I think of myself to be an open minded person and a listener, that values the vibe and the groove the most. I don’t care much for genres. I care only for good music that triggers something in my soul.

Just looking at the cover art there MOLOCH..It's great!

The cover art was made by Mark Cooper. He is a very talented artist from USA and you may have seen his work for brutal death metal bands. But this piece was different and it resonated with the concept of a second evil cathedral beneath Santa Sede. Beneath the Throne of St. Peter. And it all made sense. I think that all the puzzles for this compilation just fit perfectly. Mark’s artwork, the title, and the selection of tracks as well. I do hope people will see it like I do.

This upcoming, huge compilation, “The Vatican Cellars” will feature a total of 36 tracks that have been meticulously selected by MOLOCH himself. 

The 2CD collection will include both full-length releases “Withering Hopes” and “Onoskelis” as well as the “Yog-Sothoth” EP released previously on CD-R and digital by Moloch under the guise of I.A. SERPENTOR. 

Above all that the compilation will also include never before released tracks written and recorded between 2004-2011.

The album will be released as a 2CD jewel case and special limited digibook.

Ragnarök Music

"Returning from the bottomless pits of cold beyond" - 11 years seems a very long time between albums.. 

Well, it’s not that I’ve been doing nothing since then. The compilation 'The Vatican Cellars' marks my return to the electronic genre. It‘s also a way to sum up my past and embark on a new journey. Since 2010 my main focus was my black metal project ZORORMR. But now I’m trying to remind people what I have done and tease the next chapter for MOLOCH.   

MOLOCH never really went away did he?

No. This music has always been a part of me and this persona also. I used a few names before but it all came down to MOLOCH. And as I recorded with ZORORMR album after album this name stuck onto me and here I am.

Did anyone collaborate with you on 'The Vatican Cellars'?

The only person involved from start to finish was me. I’ve collaborated with many musicians in the past but only within my black metal project ZORORMR. Perhaps in the future you will be able to hear some other musicians in MOLOCH but at this moment it’s 100% a sole effort.

I note on the album cover the words:  "There's something very very evil lurking beneath St Peter's Square"  Were you  influenced by the allegorical book  'The Vatican Cellars'  by André Gide when naming the album?

Of course Gide’s work influenced the title. Even more, I used to call my home studio 'Vatican Cellars' back in the day so it’s like a return to that studio days, to that time. I’ve always had an interest in the occult and church stuff as well so for me it’s natural. The whole title binds everything from that period in one big story.

It's interesting that you referred to the album as 'one big story' there because it would be difficult to describe 'The Vatican Cellars' as a 'Best Of Moloch' album in any way shape or form..It's more of an ambient to get lost in isn't it?

I think you’re right. For me it was a journey. With every next song, every next album or EP. And the journey is still on. 'The Vatican Cellars' is a chronicle of that. But it’s not the end. I think of this compilation as a chance for a new beginning…

I think I'm right in saying that ' The Vatican Cellars'  includes never before released tracks written and recorded between 2004-2011. Can you give further details about these? 

Well, these tracks were locked away from the light for many years. They are something I work on and left to do other things. It’s typical for me. I get bored pretty fast and always try to do new things. At the time I focused on making black metal and left this stuff 'in a drawer'. Now with the compilation in mind I found them and rediscovered them in a way. I think that they are interesting experiments and they do show an other side to me. I just couldn’t leave them rot on my hard drive.

MOLOCH – “The Vatican Cellars” Tracklist:

01. Intraluminal
02. Withering Hopes

03. Enochian Lamentations
04. Wallachia
05. Intermezzo
06. Vatican Cellars
07. Innocence Fatigued
08. Oneirology
09. Sorrowful Morning
10. The Inexorable End
11. Behind the Courtains of Night
12. Moonlight
13. At the Break of Dawn (Part I)
14. At the Break of Dawn (Part II)
15. Le stigmate polonais(e)
16. The Violator
17. Magma
18. Waters of Styx

01. In nomine noctis
02. Hallucinations
03. Beyond Good and Evil
04. Onoskelis
O5. Labyrinths of Zin
06. The Green Fairy
07. Intoxicated Heart
08. Asphodel Meadows
09. De profundis
10. Adieu, monde cruel! (Bonus)
11. In Articulo Mortis
12. From Beyond
13. Yog-Sothoth
14. Immolation
15. Abnormal Ones Come
16. The Funeral of Humanity
17. Ex oblivione
18. At the Gates

MOLOCH:  'Yog-Sothoth'

Single taken from 'The Vatican Cellars'

(2 mins 59 secs)

MOLOCH: 'From Beyond'

Single taken from 'The Vatican Cellars'

(4 mins 17 secs)

Who and what are your Sci - Fi influences?

Hard to name them all. I am a big fan of 80s & 90s sci fi, horror and B movies. They were always something that inspired me the most. Films like Predator, Robot Jox, The Alien franchise and so on. I love John Carpenter movies, especially Escape from New York and In the Mouth of Madness

I also read a ton of classic Lovecraft, Poe, and Stephen King books. So all those influences boil in my head and I think you can hear that in my music as well.

Last, but not least, where can people catch MOLLOCH's live performances?

For starters, in Poland, I guess. I’m preparing a live set, an outfit and everything that needs to be done to perform my music the way I intend it to be done. I’m hoping that there is room for an artist like me and this kind of music. As soon as I will have any dates confirmed I will drop them on my facebook wall at

My grateful thanks to MOLOCH for the interview

Further Information:

MOLOCH - "The Vatican Cellars" 2CD

Label: Via Nocturna 

Website:   (www | Facebook)

EAN: 5905279281622

Format: CD (jewel case, digipak, t-shirt, t-shirt+cd)
Country: Poland
Year: 2017
Genre: dungeon synth / dark ambient

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