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September / October 2018

"Although we’ve got a small core group of a songwriter, guitar player and drummer who are on virtually every recording, the rest of the performers are a rotating cast of talented artists that we recruit according to the needs of the particular song that we’re working on."


June / July 2018

"This collection of 22 songs contains 11 new tunes and 11 slightly used songs from my catalogue of albums. These are songs about places I’ve been, places I need to see and some destinations that exist only in my imagination."


March / April 2018

In keeping with its ethos of plugging new bands and their music, The Nice Rooms Webzine recently caught up with Tether (based in Perth, Australia) for an interview and they duly obliged...


Nov / Dec 2017

The Nice Rooms caught up with Austria's MonaLisa Twins for an interview that coincided with the release of their new self-penned Album "Orange" 


October 2017

Just prior to the launch of the 32 track (Double CD) 'The Vatican Cellars' The Nice Rooms interrupted MOLOCH's busy schedule and managed to grab an exclusive interview for the webzine.


July 2017

"This project was something where I could work more fluidly, where mistakes were actually part of the process and helped shape the end result" 


May 2017

David Ferreira and Tiago Salsinha formed the instrumental duo Lucky Lupe in Lisbon, Portugal in 2012. Their music has been described as " electric journey between Alternative mucic, rock, pop and electronic music."


April 2017

Jordan Oakes published Yellow Pills,  the first Power Pop magazine, between 1990 and 1996. He produced a series of Yellow Pills CD compilations, which also had a galvanizing effect in the '90s, on the '70s-born music genre.  "Power Pop is less a genre than a rewind button."


March 2017

During the 1960s, in Kirkby on Merseyside, Ruffwood was a purpose-built and progressive comprehensive for 2000+ pupils that had its own folk group called the Swindlefolk run by music teacher Dy Swindlehurst.


February 2017

The Nice Rooms is delighted to present an exclusive interview with Hazel O'Connor.
"..Everyone wanted a piece of me or be my friend but nobody really knew me." 


May 2016

Singer / songwriter Terry Draper is best known for his work with Klaatu that formed in 1973. He co-wrote Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft - A hit for The Carpenters. In this exclusive article Terry discusses his latest solo album Searching.  


February 2016

Eddie Harrison is best known as vocalist and guitarist with The Cavern Club's brilliant resident Merseybeat group: The Shakers. In early 2016 The Nice Rooms caught up with him.. 


October 2015

"We still didn't have a name at this point so did our first gig under the temporary name Stress Plus One (the other three were all stress engineers in the aeronautical industry)"

Read an exclusive interview with Ed Harris of The Media here at The Nice Rooms about his life and music.



August 2015

Meet William Jason Davis:  Cult Musician, Cult Film Maker, Cult Blogger and lover of all things Blackpool.


June 2015

Malta's very own Robert Pisani describes his music: " eating ice cream or your first crush set to a) Catchy indie pop or b) Noisy shouty pseudo punk (which is kinda like indie pop).." 

Read his exclusive interview here at The Nice Rooms.


May 2015

"..We started going every year down to Northamptonshire to play a sort of commemorative weekend for Billy Fury at the place where he last performed before his death.."

Another great exclusive interview courtesy of John Burke and David Lancaster of Creeping Bentgrass here at The Nice Rooms.


March 2015

Stefanie Renée,  Aaron Goldstein with Sean Henry.

Accolade discuss their latest album in an exclusive interview with The Nice Rooms.


February 2015

Tony O'Keeffe of Merseybeat group The Shakers writes about his early life and influences on his music!


October 2014

Richard Wall is one of the presenters of Vintage Radio and here at The Nice Rooms takes time out to talk about his show that focuses on the sixties, seventies and eighties' music he loves.


August 2014

Opera comes to The Nice Rooms: On 25th and 26th October 2013, Opera South East (OSE) presented Madame Butterfly at the White Rock Theatre in Hastings. 

Director Fraser Grant reflects upon the rehersals leading up to the opening night.


August 2014

"I've tried to retain that punk spirit in my approach to the music industry and having accepted that I'm very unlikely to get rich from music I've decided that all future releases will be free on MP3 and as cheap as possible." Ian Gardler was a member of the cult band Beyond The Implode.


May 2014

In an exclusive interview for The Nice Rooms, Judy Street talks about the song "What" that made her a Northern Soul legend.



March 2014

Martin Davies of Meseybeat group The Shakers recalls his life in music.


September 2013

Tony O'Keefe writes about the reasons for the success and popularity of The Shakers: one of today's best Merseybeat bands.


November 2013

The Nice Rooms in conversation with Ian Schranz about So Lo-Fi : A Maltese music community with its own Record Label.


January 2014

Aaron Goldstein and Stefanie Renée with Cade Burkhammer  

In the first of two exclusive interviews for The Nice Rooms, Accolade - A gothic ethereal Progressive Rock Band talk about their music.