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How It All Began: 

The Nice Rooms, run from a living room in St. Helens, Merseyside UK, was inspired in part by the fanzines of the late '70s and early '80s and started out as a platform to showcase my love of Music, Film and Cult TV. I had been juggling around with the idea of a webzine of sorts for a couple of years before it all eventually got off the ground back in 2013. 

The title of the site "The Nice Rooms" is due in no small part to an excellent English teacher from my school days who insisted that her pupils (me included) should never, ever use the adjective "Nice". She despised the word and made us think more creatively when putting a sentence together. It's an offbeat way of me paying my belated respects to her.
I had only planned to run the site for a year, after which time, I thought, my motivation and enthusiasm would just naturally burn up and fade away.

Not so.

Now into it's sixth great year, The Nice Rooms appears to be going from strength to strength to the point where I have now included a "Books+Blogs" Room which has helped add more variety, depth and diversity to the ever expanding list of free-to-view articles. 

It costs me to run the site but in truth, I have never made a single penny from any hobby I've ever had anyway. The Nice Rooms does not actively chase hits and nor does it pay for any either. I want the site to act as a portal of sorts that directs the reader to the talent that, in my opinion, rises above and beyond the dross that's served up and dished out to the General Public by the corporate media entities every day and night of the week.

No Spin. 

Totally Independent. 

Kept Real.

..and Nice.

Thanks for viewing.

Gary Radice / 2018

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Somewhere within the rooms of this website, there lies a hidden entrance to a mysterious, secret room!
It is said that you should look for a place where "Everyone lives happily ever after"
There is a colourful picture that acts as a lock that will need just a click to open. 
Not many people have found the secret room to date..and not many people will..


The Captain's Log:

04th August 2013 Site debuts on the Net

04th August 2013 to 11th October 2015 The Burning Leaves (Rm1)

04th August 2013 to 22nd August 2013 - Diane Worland's Coney Island (Rm3)

04th August 2013 to 15th September 2013 - Gary Radice's The Imagineers of Main Street (Rm4)

05th August 2013 to 31st August 2013 - Nonsensical Child's Wild Eye Journey (S1)

05th August 2013 to 31st August 2013 - J.D. Burke's King and King to Be (Read Rm)

05th August 2013 to 12th September 2013 Signified (Cellar) 

09th August 2013 to 05th September 2013 -  Lisa Stone's Entrance and Foyer (S2)

18th  August 2013 to 10th November 2013 Graeme Cassidy's Theme Park Days (Ret Rm) 

23rd August 2013 to 21st January 2014 Fraser Grant's Directing Butterfly (Rm3)

31st  August 2013 to 11th October 2013 Michele Botticelli's Black (S1)

31st  August 2013 to 17th November 2013 John Wardley's Creating my own Nemesis (Read Rm)

04th September 2013 to -  Tony O'Keeffe's Maximum Merseybeat: The Shakers' Sound (Rm5)

05th September 2013 to 11th October 2013  Silvio paula's Music Box Dancer by Frank Mills (S2)

12th September 2013 to 11th October 2013 The Temps (Cellar)

13th September 2013 to - Debs McDougall's In The Village (Rm2)

15th September 2013 to 11th October 2013 Gary Radice's "Canon Dick Cartmell & The Pleasure Beach" (Rm4)

12th October 2013 to 07th November 2013 Nonsensical Child's The Green Ray (S2)

12th October 2013 to 18th October 2013  Gary Radice's BITSofBRITAIN (Rm4)

12th October 2013 to 22nd November 2013 Bark Bark Disco (The Cellar)

12th October 2013 to 09th November 2013 Mesmoland's The Wild Mouse (S1)

08th November  2013 to 17th November 2013 Bekonscot's Driver's Eye View (S1)

09th November  2013 to 17th November 2013 Kerotana's BBC video / Charlie Brooker on Oliver Postgate (S2)

10th November  2013:    Introduction of Screening Room 3 (S3)

10th November  2013 to 29th November 2013 Nonsensical Child's Road Trip (S2) 

10th November  2013:    Retro Room Closed Down

14th November  2013 to -   Ian Schranz's Ian Schranz on So Lo-Fi (R4)

16th November  2013 to -   Gary Radice's Before the I-Pad (Reopened The Retro Room)

17th November  2013 to 29th November 2013 Laura Harrington's Invisible Art (S1)

17th November  2013 to 1st March 2014 Sean Stewart's Judy Street / What (S3)

22ndNovember 2013 to 29th December 2013 Accolade (Cellar)

29th November 2013 to 28th December 2013 Laura Harrington's Invisible Art (S2)

29th November 2013 to 29th December 2013 Sex Pistols Channel's Sex Pistols: Huddersfield 1977 (S1)

30th November 2013:    The Retro Room renamed The Other Room 

09th December 2013:   The Reading Room removed for a short period. 

09th December 2013:   Facebook Button added to About Page.

28th December 2013 to 08th February 2014 Edgar Mueller's   The Crevasse - Making of 3D Street Art (R2)

29th December 2013 to 25th February 2014 Kaleida (Cellar)

29th December 2013 to 30th January 2014 Dawny TV and The Hughes Family's Blackpool 1968 (S1)

11th January   2014:    About / Contact page name changed to "About"

11th January   2014 to 26th January 2014 Classic Film Trailer: Walkabout (BFI)

12th January  2014:    Room 6 added

12th January  2014 to 26th February 2014 Gary Radice's The Imagineers of Main Street (R6)

12th January  2014:    The Other Room renamed The Retro Room and Before the I-Pad title removed

18th January  2014:    The Reading Room reopened

18th January  2014 to 11th February 2014 J.D. Burke's "King and King To Be" (RR)

23rd January 2014 to - Accolade (R3)

24th January 2014 to 08th February 2014 The Nonsensical Child's Der Nersh (S2)

26th January 2014 to 06th February 2014 Classic Film Trailer: "Melody" aka "S.W.A.L.K.

30th January 2014 to 08th February 2014 davidjellis' Mieders Alpine Coaster (With No Brakes) (S1)

06th February 2014 to 13th February 2014 Classic Film Trailer: Control

08th February 2014 to 01st March 2014 Nicki Bluhm and The Gramblers' cover of "Band on the Run" by Wings (S1)

08th February 2014 to 17th March  2014 Christopher Rice's Cups Tap Dance (S2)

08th February 2014  About..and Finally page renamed to About. 

08th February 2014  Classic Film Trailer for a classic film renamed to Cult Film Trailer.                                    

11th February  2014 to 11th April 2014 Juliette Gregson's "The North Pier Blackpool" (RR)

12th February 2014 - 1st Feb 2015  Craig Makes A Meal Of It @ The Nice Rooms - Feb Edition (New Blog)

13th February 2014 to 26th February 2014 Cult Film Trailer: The Harder They Come 

14th February 2014:  The Magic Eye Cafe is made the home to the Blog "Craig Makes A Meal Of It"

25th February 2014 to 05th April 2014 The Mountains (Cellar)

26th February 2014 to 29th March 2014 Cult Film Trailer: Local Hero

01st March   2014 to 12th April 2014  Suzanne Vega: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert (SR1)

01st March   2014 to 12th April 2014   Nicki Bluhm and The Gramblers' cover of "Band on the Run" by Wings (S3)

07th March  2014:        Room 7 Added

07th March  2014 to -  Martin Davies: The Beatles Owe Me One (R7)

07th March  2014 to  1st Feb 2015 Craig Makes A Meal Of It @ The Nice Rooms - March Edition

12th March  2014 to 29th March 2014 Cult Film Trailer: The Last Picture Show

14th March  2014 to 12th April 2014 Northern Soul from This England  Granada TV Series (S2)

20th March 2014 to -  Ian Fryer's Fanderson: The World Of Gerry Anderson (R6)

29th March 2014 to  1st Feb 2015 Craig Makes A Meal Of It @ The Nice Rooms - April Edition

29th March 2014 to 27th April 2014 Cult Film Trailer: Breaking Away

05th April   2014 to 18th May   2014 Stone Foundation (Cellar)

11th April    2014 to  27th April   2014  Cult Film Trailer: Dark Star

12th April   2014 to  17th May   2014 Vangelis: Beautiful Planet Earth HD (S1)

12th April   2014 to  17th May   2014 Matthew's Southern Comfort: Woodstock  (S3)

12th April   2014 to  30th April 2014 Mesmoland's The Noah's Ark Attraction/ Blackpool Pleasure Beach (S2)

27th April   2014 to  25th May 2014  Cult Film Trailer: The Man Who Fell To Earth

01st  May   2014 to 17th May 2014  Suzanne Vega: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert (S2)

05th May   2014:       Site given an overhaul and new look

05th May   2014:       Reading Room removed.

05th May   2014:       Room 8 Added

05th May   2014 to -  The Judy Street Interview (R8)

07th May   2014:       The Nice Rooms Tag Line changed to Music. Film. Cult TV.

17th May   2014 to 7th June 2014  The Nonsensical Child's Scanner (S1)

17th May   2014 to 1st  June 2014 Kate Bush: Eider Falls At Lake Tahoe (S2)

17th May   2014 to -   Steve & Sue Smith's Steel Stella (S3)

18th May   2014:       Screening Room 4 added

18th May   2014 to 8th June 2014 Dr Feelgood in Concert 1975 / Kursaal (S4)

18th May   2014:       The Cellar removed

20th May  2014 - 1st Feb 2015  Craig Makes A Meal Of It @ The Nice Rooms - May Edition

20th May  2014:       Added Feb, Mar and Apr Jukebox pages to Craig Makes A Meal Of It

22nd May 2014:       Site given a further overhaul

25th May  2014 to 16th June 2014 Cult Film Trailer: Big Trouble In Little China

01st   June   2014 to - 8th June 2014  Mario  Viñuela : El Color De Las Cosas (S2)

06th June    2014 to -  Bob Edwards and The Liverpool Picturebook (R9)

07th  June   2014 to -  Holiday Cine Film Butlins Bognor Regis 1961 (SR4)

07th  June   2014 to   20th June 2014  "CUPS" Tap Dance: Anna Kendrick (S1)

08th June    2014        Synching of site for mobiles

08th June    2014 to   20th June 2014   Silvio paula's Music Box Dancer by Frank Mills (S2)

14th  June   2014 to -  BITSofBRITAIN Stand alone article

16th  June   2014 to   18th July 2014  Cult Film Trailer: Repo Man

20th June 2014 - Screening Rooms renamed to Cine By The Sea Screens 1 - 4

20th June   2014 to   28th July 2014  Blackpool 1968 (Courtesy of Dawny TV) (S1)

20th June   2014 to   26th July 2014  Southport:1960s / 70s (Adam Kearsley) (S2)

18th July     2014 to     2nd August 2014   Cult Film Trailer: Blow Up

23rd July    2014    -   Site has a revamp

26th July    2014 to    14th August 2014  '60s Mods: A Day at The Seaside / Charles Murphy (S2)

28th July    2014 to -   They Took Us To The Sea / NSPCC (S1)

01st August   2014:        Premier Screen added

01st August   2014:        Screening Rooms renamed to Screens 1 - 4

01st August   2014 to -   Dreaming of Dreamland (Prem S)

02nd August 2014 to    13th August 2014  Cult Film Trailer: Hard Day's Night

04th August  2014 to -   Imagineers Of Main Street (R10)

09th August  2014  to -   Ian Gardler: The Lawn Grower (R11)

13th August  2014  to 24th August 2014   Cult Film Trailer: Walkabout

14th August  2014  to   23rd August 2014  This is Brighton in 10 minutes (S2)

17th August   2014         Guestbook added for trial period.

18th August   2014          Facebook and Twitter buttons added.

23rd August 2014  to -   Butlins Pwllhelli - Starcoast World (S2)

24th August 2014:         Guestbook discontinued

24th August 2014:         Cult Film Trailer discontinued.

25th August 2014:         The Nice Stage introduced

25th August 2014  to  29th August 2014   The Springfields / Island of Dreams (Nice Stage)

29th August 2014  to - 12th September 2014   Daniel Padim / Waiting For You  (Nice Stage)

31st August 2014   to -    Directing Butterfly: Fraser Grant  (Room 12)

3rd September 2014:   Screen 5 (Home of Experimental Film) added

3rd September 2014    to 13th September 2014    Great Wall of mesmo (S5)

5th September 2014:   Cine By The Sea dropped. Now 3 screens 

5th September 2014    to 31st October 2014     Dreaming of Dreamland (S1)

5th September 2014    to 19th September 2014  Holiday Cine Film Butlins Bognor Regis 1961 (S2)

5th September 2014    to 28th September 2014 Great Wall of mesmo (S3)

9th September 2014 and updated 19th Jan 2017    to -      Declassifying The Avengers' Lost Episodes: Alan Hayes (R13)

12th September 2014  to 13th September 2014 Lynyrd Skynyrd: Sweet Home Alabama (Nice Stage)

13th September 2014             Nice Stage Discontinued and Revamp given to Contents Page - Now called The Front Page

19th September 2014  to 24th October 2014  Look at Life - Goodbye Picadilly (1967) (S2)

28th September 2014 to  25th January 2015      The Sex Pistols: Huddersfield (1977) (S3)

2nd October 2014 to -  The Richard Wall Show at Vintage Radio (R14)

5th October  2014  to  1st Feb 2015    Far Travellers - Izzie Radice's cartoon strip added to The Back Room

10th October 2014 to -  Firestorm: The Jamie Anderson Interview (R15)

10th  October 2014  to 1st Feb 2015    The Nice Shelves added to The Back Room

18th October 2014 - 1st Feb 2015    The Retro '70s Jukebox added  to The Back Room

24th October 2014 to  10th Dec 2014          Old Liverpool Cinemas  (S2)

31st October 2014 to 4th December 2014   Pioneers / The Hacienda"

4th December 2014 to 10th December 2014 The Showmen (S1)

10th December 2014 to 1st January 2015     The Showmen (S2)

10th December 2014 to 25th Jan 2015   Terrahawks: A Christmas Miracle (S1)

1st January 2015 to  25th January 2015 The Story of Blondie: An NME Retrospective (S1)

1st January 2015 to  25th January 2015 Slot Machine Age (S2)

25th January 2015 to 28th February 2015   Music Box Dancer: Frank Mills (S1)

25th January 2015 to  28th February 2015  That's Entertainment: The Jam (S2)

25th January 2015 to 28th February 2015     Fantastic Fish (S3)

26th January 2015 to -   The Persuaders with Jaz Wiseman (R16)

31st January 2015:    The Nice Rooms gets a Make Over adding The Music Rooms / The TV Rooms, etc

2nd February 2015 to - Bad To The Bone - Adventures in Rhythm And Blues by Tony O'Keeffe (R17)

5th February 2015 - Classic TV Music  and The Nice Stage added

9th February 2015 - 8th March 2015 Jukebox '80 .

20th February 2015 to -  Information (Prisoner) (R18)

28th February 2015 to 1st May 2015 Twisted Wheel- The End (S3)

28th February 2015 to  11th April 2015 In Gear: Swinging London in the 60s (S2)

28th February 2015 to  11th April 2015 Kate Bush: Eider Falls at Lake Tahoe (S1)

14th March 2015 to - Accolade: Catharsis of Rhetorik (R19)

11th April 2015 - Revamp of Pages and removal of Screening Rooms with S1-3 - replaced by The Nice Screen

11th April 2015 - Retro Room is now Retro Rooms

12th April 2015 - Rejig of Pages with articles split into more pages

18th April 2015 - Reading Rooms now The Blog Rooms

18th April 2015 - The Nice Stage gets its own page.

18th April 2015 - 24th April 2015 The Gone: Excited (Nice Stage)

18th April 2015 - BITSofBRITAIN now housed in Room 20

26th April 2015  to - Creeping Bentgrass (R21)

27th April 2015 - Back Room added.

1st May 2015 to 23rd May 2015 Axons by The Great Mesmo (Nice Screen)

21st May 2015 to -  Suburbanitis - A Journey Into The Mind of Robert Pisani (R22)

23rd May 2015 to -  The Haçienda (Nice Screen)

24th May 2015 to 27th July 2015  Five Grand Stereo (Nice Stage)

20th June 2015   Introduction of the 32nd Room

21st June 2015 to 1st August 2015  A Skin Too Few - The Days Of Nick Drake (Nice Screen)

26th June 2015 - 4th October 2015 The 32nd Room

27th July to 13th September 2015 The Shakers (Nice Stage)

31st July: Music Room, Blog Room and TV Room deleted.

31st July 2015 to - Welcome To mesmoland (R23)

1st August 2015 to 27th September 2015 Butlins Bognor Regis in 1961 (Nice Screen)

20th August 2015 to - In Search Of... Rocket Robin Hood (R24)

13th September to 11th October 2015 Ellie Rose Smith (Nice Stage)

28th September 2015 to 16th October 2015 - Swinging Britain (Nice Screen)

9th October 2015 to - Ed Harris: Life in The Media Spotlight (R25)

11th October 2015 - All new articles will appear in Room 1 for 1 month as well as there respective rooms

11th October 2015 to 27th December 2015 Wicked Faith (Nice Stage)

15th October 2015 to 15th October 2015 Dreaming Of Dreamland (Nice Screen)

16th October 2015 - Retro Rooms become Retro Room

31st October 2015 - Casino Royale : It's Too Much For One James Bond (R26)

14th November 2015- The Reading Room reintroduced.

15th October 2015 to - 4th December 2015 Beautiful Planet Earth / Vangelis (The Nice Screen)

4th December 2015 -  5th December Sex Pistols at Ivanhoe's Huddersfield (The Nice Screen)

5th December 2015 to -24th January 2016  Look At Life / Coffee Bar

11th December 2015 to 25th February 2016  They were The Champions (R27)

27th December 2015 to - Spares (The Nice Stage)

29th December 2015 to -  Life, Animation and Everything Else (R28)

24th January 2016 to - Forgotten Cinemas (The Nice Screen)

4th February 2016 to - The Eddie Harrison Interview (R29)

26th February 2016 to - The Champions (R30)

27th March 2016: The Nice Stage is closed.

28th March 2016 to 30th April 2016   Liverpool A-Go-Go (The Nice Screen)

28th March 2016 to - Department S (R31)

29th April 2016 to - Searching: The Terry Draper Interview (R32)

1st May 2016 to 11th June 2016 Scariest Ghost Train In The World  (The Nice Screen)

26th May 2016 to - 14th September 2017 John Burke's World of Cinema / Film Review (R33)

11th June 2016  to - 10th August 2016  Swinging Britain  (The Nice Screen)  

25th June 2016 to - Monkey: An Interview with Howell Parry (R34)

2nd August 2016 to - What We Watched (With Mother) (R35)

10th August 2016 -  12th August 2016 Old Liverpool Cinemas (The Nice Screen)

12th August 2016: The Nice Screen 1 and 2 introduced.

12th August 2016  - 20th August 2016 Old Liverpool Cinemas (Nice Screen 1)

12th August 2016 to  23rd Sept 2016 Butlins Bognor Regis (Nice Screen 2)

20th August 2016 - 2nd November 2016 Pioneers: The Hacienda (Nice Screen 1)

28th August 2016 to - The Lost Art of the Film Poster (R36)

23rd September to 18th October 2016 Northern Soul - This England (Nice Screen 2)

26th September to -  Respectable - The Mary Millington Story / Simon Sheridan (R37)

18th October 2016 to - 24th November 2016 Rungless Ladder (Nice Screen 2)

27th October 2016 to - In Search Of..HR Pufnstuf (R38)

2nd November 2016 to -17th January 2017  London in 1927 & 2013  (Nice Screen 1)

24th November 2016 to - 17th January 2017 The Sex Pistols: Huddersfield 1977 (Nice Screen 2)

30th November 2016 to - Follyfoot: Horses and High Production Values (R39)

17th January to 30th April 2017 Sweet "All That Glitters" (Nice Screen 1)

17th January 2017 to 1st May 2017  POSERS - New Romantics in the Kings Road 1981 (Nice Screen 2)

26th January 2017 to - The Hazel O'Connor Interview (R40)

21st February 2017 to - 5 Nights In Nutwood (R41) 

7th March 2017: Contents now listed in The Stock Room. The Back Room advertises future articles

9th March 2017 to - Swindlefolk (R42)

20th April 2017 to -  Yellow Pills: The Power Pop Bible - An Interview with Jordan Oakes  (R43)

30th April 2017 to - 16th August 2017Under The Influence: 2 Tone Ska  (Nice Screen 1) 

1st May 2017 to -  12th August 2017 Newcastle - A Day In The City 1987  (Nice Screen 2)

19th May 2017 to -  Lucky Lupe: The David Ferreira Interview (R44)

17th June 2017 to - Catweazle - Under The Wizard's Spell (R45)

25th July 2017 to - Bark Bark Disco: The Ian Schranz Interview (R46)

12th August 2017 to - 13th September 2017 Dr Feelgood at Southend Kursaal in 1975  (Nice Screen 2)

16th August 2017 to - Liverpool Memories. Let's Go Down Town  (Nice Screen 1)

18th August 2017 to - The Beatles' Landmarks in Liverpool (R47)

13th September to - 23rd September 2017 That Sinking Feeling: Glasgow Locations Then & Now  (Nice Screen 2)

15th September 2017 to - Grebo Gray: Artist (R48)

20th September 2017 to - Rocking Chair & Roll now at Room 33

27th September to - Old British Cinemas 2 / Entrance and Foyer  (Nice Screen 1)

27th September 2017 to - 4th Feb 2018 Northern Soul / This England  (Nice Screen 2)

7th October 2017 to - That Forsyth Feeling  (Room 49)

27th October 2017 to - MOLOCH-The Vatican Cellars  (Room 50)

17th November 2017 to - MonaLisa Twins / The Orange Interview  (Room 51)

23rd November 2017: The Screening Room is renamed The Screen Room

4th February 2018 - 2nd July 2018 "Swinging Britain in the 60s: A Psychedelic Dream" (1969) (Nice Screen 2)

4th February 2018 to 13th March 2018 "Blackpool Seaside Resort - 1978" (Nice Screen 1)

23rd February 2018 - TV Room renamed Cult TV Room

23rd February 2018 - The History Room added

13th March 2018 to 2nd July 2018 - Psychedelic Trance Train

23rd June 2018 - The Stock Room deleted and info transferred to The Back Room
23rd June 2018 - Site gets a makeover

2nd July 2018 to 13th August 2018 Old British Cinemas: Front Of House (Nice Screen 1)

13th August 2018 to -  26th September 2018 Blackpool 1968 (Nice Screen 1)