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gRadice   2014/15/16/17
The Nice Rooms Webzine. Music. Film. Cult TV
The Nice Rooms Webzine. Music. Film. Cult TV
The Nice Rooms Webzine. Music. Film. Cult TV

The Nice Rooms Webzine

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December 2016

Room 39:   Follyfoot: Horses And High Production Values

Based in Australia, Sabrina Ferguson has been a staunch Follyfoot fan since the show first aired there in 1973. Read her exclusive article here at The Nice Rooms.


November 2016

Room 38:   In Search Of... H.R. Pufnstuf

A trippy mix of surreal live action, over-sized puppets, ear-piercing sound effects, vivid colours, a screeching laughter track, and just about anything else that the producers could throw at  the screen and through it. 


August 2016

Room 35:   What We Watched (With Mother)

The Nice Rooms looks back at some of the classic programmes made for children between the mid to late sixties and pays tribute to the people behind the scenes.


July 2016

Room 34:   Monkey - An Interview With Howell Parry  

In an exclusive interview for The Nice Rooms Howell Parry discusses this classic cult series.

"The Journey to the West stories - known in Japanese as Saiyuuki  and on which Monkey is based - were written in China in the 16th century. 


April 2016

Room 31:   Department S: Case 1001

In an exclusive article, Adam Lonsdale explores reasons for the continuing popularity of the cult ITC series Department S that first aired back in 1969 / 1970   


March 2016

Room 30:   The Champions 

Jaz Wiseman's article focuses on one of ITC's most fondly remembered TV series from the 1960s. Since its debut, The Champions has been broadcast all over the globe in line with Lew Grade's vision that "ITC would entertain the world."   


September 2015

Room 24: In Search Of...Rocket Robin Hood   

The Nice Rooms looks back fondly on the sixties' cartoon series - Rocket Robin Hood - A programme rarely broadcast outside of its native Canada.


February 2015

Room 18: Information / The Prisoner  - The Rick Davy Interview   

"..Then we have great writing, truly amazing writing, from McGoohan and the individual writers."

Read Rick Davy's amazing "Priz Facts" about the ultimate cult series here at The Nice Rooms. 


January 2015

Room 16: The Persuaders!   

"Johnny Goodman has said that Tony Curtis was a tricky character to handle but one thing he, Bob Baker, director Roy Ward Baker and Roger Moore have all agreed on was that he was technically a superb actor and brought a huge amount to the series." 

Jaz Wiseman provides an exclusive article for The Nice Rooms!


October 2014

Room 15: Firestorm - The Jamie Anderson Interview   

The Nice Rooms is proud to present an exclusive interview with Jamie Anderson - Gerry Anderson's younger son, managing director of Anderson Entertainment and Series Producer of a new TV venture: Firestorm


September 2014 and updated January 2017

Room 13: Declassifying The Avengers' Lost Year - Alan Hayes   

"...Unlike in later years, Steed and his associate Dr Keel were downing glasses of scotch rather than champagne, and sometimes they even dispensed with the glasses! They would invariably be chain smoking through the episodes too."

Alan Hayes in conversation with The Nice Rooms about the very early years of the classic cult TV series: The Avengers.


March 2014

Room 6: Fanderson: The World Of Gerry Anderson - Ian Fryer   

Thunderbirds, Space 1999, New Captain Scarlet, Stingray, UFO, Terrahawks, The Secret Service, The Protectors and more.

Ian Fryer lifts the lid on some of the most iconic Gerry Anderson programmes in an exclusive interview here at The Nice Rooms. 


September 2013

Room 2: In The Village with Debs McDougall / The Prisoner   

"Patrick McGoohan was Six Of One's Honorary President up until his death in 2009. He sent telegrams and communications over the years, wishing us well and also wishing us successful conventions."

PR and Convention Organiser with Six Of One, Debs McDougall gives an exclusive interview to The Nice Rooms.