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October 2016

Room 37:    Respectable - The Mary Millington Story

"She really was a pioneer and a free-thinker. I take my hat off to porn star Mary Millington. She was an inspirational woman, and totally unique. It's just tragic - and utterly unforgivable - that she lost her life at such a young age"

Writer, film maker and broadcaster Simon Sheridan gives an exclusive article to The Nice Rooms 


September 2016

Room 36:   The Lost Art Of The Film Poster 

There was a time when poster artists and their art sold the film: A time when there wasn't a photo-shopped, airbrushed image of a star anywhere in sight. 


June 2016

Room 33:   John Burke's The World Of Cinema 1977 - 1980 

Anyone interested in cinematic films or film stars between the years of 1977 to 1980 will be interested in a new series of articles on John Burke's blog: John Burke's a-Musings. The articles on John's Blog each dissect an issue of the magazine Film Review -  A magazine which first appeared in 1950 and continued until 2008  


January 2016

Room 28: Life, Animation And Everything Else   

Al Guest and Jean Mathieson-Guest's careers have spanned black and white television to video games. Together their achievements in the film, animation and video game industries are a living testament to a couple who remain firmly at the top of their game.

.. Alligator, Any Which Way You Can, Body Heat, One From The Heart, Rocket Robin Hood, The Undersea Adventures Of Captain Nemo, Ratchet & Clank ....the list just goes on and on!

Al and Jean kindly took time out from their busy schedule for an exclusive interview with The Nice Rooms!


November 2015

Room 26: Casino Royale - It's Too Much For One James Bond!   

An exclusive interview with Michael Richardson about the 1967 film Casino Royale that became the most bizarre Bond production ever. Read about all the behind the scenes and more here at The Nice Rooms.


The Nice Mini Cine


Nice Screen One: Liverpool Memories. Let's Go Down Town. (NEW!)

A walk around old Liverpool City Centre courtesy of Tom Brown 

(20 mins 10 secs)


Nice Screen Two:  Dr Feelgood at Southend Kursaal in 1975  (NEW!)

Courtesy of Pedja Pavlovic Badza; this concert footage shows Dr. Feelgood at their very best. 

(14 mins 23 secs)

Cult Film Trailer: Walkabout (1971)