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gRadice   2014/15/16/17
The Nice Rooms Webzine. Music. Film. Cult TV
The Nice Rooms Webzine. Music. Film. Cult TV
The Nice Rooms Webzine. Music. Film. Cult TV

The Nice Rooms Webzine

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February 2017

Room 41: 5 Nights In Nutwood

by Gary Radice

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the stories of Rupert Bear, he inhabited a world where English speaking anthropomorphic animals co existed seamlessly with humans in a place called Nutwood - A place that was frozen in time and completely devoid of political correctness and any health and safety regulations whatsoever.


December 2015

Room 27: Dachau To Dingle: A Toxteth Childhood

by Colin A. Brown  

The Nice Rooms features Colin A Brown's debut publication:  "Inner city Liverpool ten years after the end of the Second World War. It's the long hot summer of 1955 and the kids are looking for some fun." 


Ongoing Article

Room 20: BITSofBRITAIN   

By Gary Radice

"Sometimes I wish the world would just slow down a bit. I pity those poor passengers hurtling at 100mph who have neither the time or inclination to stop, get out and smell the heritage - The UK is alive with history."



August 2014

Room 10: Disneyland Paris And The Imagineers Of Main Street

By Gary Radice

The Nice Rooms casts a magiceye over Main Street USA at Disneyland Paris Resort in celebration of all things imagineering.


June 2014

Room 9: The Liverpool Picturebook

by Bob Edwards 

Every now and again a website comes along that draws you in and before you know it those minutes you intended to spend browsing seamlessly turn to hours. 

Bob Edwards' website 'The Liverpool Picturebook' is one such site and in an exclusive interview with The Nice Rooms he talks about the website and the launch of his new book.


Ongoing Article

Room 1:  The Retro Room   

by Gary Radice  

Misty eyed memories of a 50 something 'growing down'.

For those who remember Clackers, The Chopper Bike, Public Information Films, The White Horses and all things from another time.