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gRadice   2014/15/16/17

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The Guest Room @ The Nice Rooms

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The Nice Rooms is my way of providing an all too brief respite from those corporate entities who decide what the masses will watch, what they will like, what they will buy and who they will ultimately destroy on a saturday night.


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"This website is quite good." (Love it! - gR)

"The Nice Rooms is firmly placed in the internet age of individual freedom" 

"Is it an E-Zine?" 

"...a Blogzine?"

"..a great art, music & film blog from the UK"

"Roll over (the late) Melody Maker, tell NME the news.."

"Good but a bit pretentious"  (We must have met - gR)

"Really Excellent!"

"The Nice Rooms is a very welcoming website 

and a great place to stop by on your tea break"

" me, discovering new music through The Nice Rooms is what it's all about.."


"..fab website, The Nice Rooms.."

"Thanks. The retro section worth a watch. So many memories.."

"Pop over and have a listen and look around it's a great site..retro sweets anyone?"

"I'd definitely go there if it was a real place."

"Just indie and obviously proud of it. Please keep it this way."

"For all things that deserve to be heard."


"Great Read"

"..really nice side of the Internet."

"Worth 6 minutes of anyone's time" (!gR)

"..some great stuff on there."

"..Very creative and unique."

"I really don't get it" (Agreed - gR)

" are doing a good job bringing lots of stuff to the forefront for people to explore and take in."

"Well worth a look, some good stuff there"

"Well done!"

"Really nice articles"

"The Nice Rooms is a diverting place to stop at for a read, a chuckle and a memory nudge!" 

".. a very quirky and popular cult-ist website.."

"It is what it is."