"..The Persuaders! was a huge success in Europe winning a Bambi Award in Germany and a TP de Oro Award in Spain (both 1973) as well as being a top rating series in France, Italy, Holland and most other parts of the continent..."  (Room 16)


This January 2015 Issue also Features:


" The ideas come from experiences, but the words and sounds we hope are never literal, we like people to be able to interpret the song in their own way... which they do it seems!" (Room 1)

"I had a collection of songs (an entire album's worth) that I had written over 20 years ago that lay dormant just sitting on a shelf for most of that time. When Aaron & I decided to start a band, the lyrics were dusted off at long last, and new life was breathed into them." (Room 3)

"I'm a musician who after working with labels such as Rough Trade, Zomba etc. began ploughing the DIY arena realizing how liberating it can be to really have ownership of your work." (Room 4)

"A lot of people comment how authentic The Shakers sound is. Well, that's because we try to be as true as we can to the original 1960s Mersey Sound." (Room 5)

"The next note you play alone, onstage, in the studio, with friends..whatever..is the most important note in music. Ever." (Room 7)

"When I recorded What in 1968 with the writer and producer of the song, H. B. Barnum, I had no idea that it was going to be sent to the UK and become a massive hit in the Northern Soul scene." (Room 8)

"I’ve tried to retain that punk spirit in my approach to the music industry and having accepted that I’m very unlikely to get rich from music I’ve decided that all future releases will be free on MP3 and as cheap as possible  (Room 11)

Opera comes to The Nice Rooms: On 25th and 26th October 2013, Opera South East (OSE) presented Madame Butterfly at the White Rock Theatre in Hastings. Fraser Grant directed the production and here at The Nice Rooms reflects on the rehearsals leading up to the opening night. (Room 12)

Vintage Radio - "The Grown-Up Choice" - is a non-profit making organisation that broadcasts from The YMCA based at Birkenhead in the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral, Merseyside, UK. The programmes are created by volunteer presenters and broadcast every day via the internet, and occasionally, when funds permit, via terrestrial broadcast radio. Richard Wall is one of the presenters and here at The Nice Rooms takes time out to talk about his show that focuses on the sixties, seventies and eighties music he loves. (Room 14)



"Music Box Dancer" was written and recorded by Frank Mills in 1974, but it was not to become a single until 1978.

 By Christmas of that year, it was in the top ten of many pop music charts throughout Europe and Asia. 

Released as a single in the United States late in 1978, it reached number three on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in April 1979 and it also reached number three on the Canadian Adult Contemporary chart and number 47 on the Canadian pop chart.  (03:15)

Music video by The Jam performing the classic track "That's Entertainment" (C) 1981 Polydor Ltd. (UK) .(03:32)

An experimental film from the avant garde lens of the Nonsensical child. (07:56)



"Patrick McGoohan was Six of One’s Honorary President right up until his death in 2009. He sent telegrams and communications over the years, wishing us well and also wishing us successful conventions." (Room 2)

"It's amazing the heat that can be produced by Space: 1999  Year 2 discussions even 40 years later! The first thing to remember is that at the end of the first season Space: 1999 was dead - definitively cancelled and not coming back." (Room 6)

"..Unlike in later years, Steed and his associate Dr Keel were downing glasses of scotch rather than champagne, and sometimes they even dispensed with the glasses! They would invariably be chain smoking through the episodes too." (Room 13)

The Nice Rooms is proud to present an exclusive interview with Jamie Anderson - Gerry Anderson’s younger son, managing director of Anderson Entertainment and Series Producer of a new TV venture: Firestorm 

" We will not be using focus groups to put the show together. I have previously been, and continue to be, vocal about my dislike of the use of focus groups to design TV shows. It's not possible to reverse engineer creativity to please an audience - if it was then all shows produced using focus groups would be wildly successful.(Room 15)

"..The Persuaders! was a huge success in Europe winning a Bambi Award in Germany and a TP de Oro Award in Spain (both 1973) as well as being a top rating series in France, Italy, Holland and most other parts of the continent..."  (Room 16)


"Every now and again a website comes along that draws you in and before you know it those minutes you intended to spend browsing seamlessly turn to hours. The Liverpool Picturebook conveying Liverpool's history through photographs is one such site."    (Room 9)

Gary Radice casts a "magiceye" over Main Street USA at Disneyland Paris in celebration of all things ‘Imagineering'. (Room 10)

"I'd very happily live in a Lighthouse... beautiful! Is it just me or is this getting narrower as we get closer to the top...?" 

"Sometimes I wish the world would just slow down a bit. I pity those poor passengers hurtling at 100mph who have neither the time or inclination to stop, get out and smell the heritage - The UK is alive with history."

 Clackers, Crazy Foam, The Singing Ring Tree, Spangles, The Double Deckers...