MAR. 2015

The Nice Rooms is run on a budget of nil from a living room in Merseyside, UK.

It aims to celebrate the arts with a focus on Music, Film and Cult TV.

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This is your world. I am your world. 

If you insist on living a dream you may be taken for mad.

I like my dream.
- Then you are mad.

"..Afterwards we loaded in and sat in the tiny dressing room backstage chatting when the door opened and the man in black himself entered and sat opposite on the small bench seat along the wall. Here I was, just a few feet away from Wilko but he obviously wasn’t in a talkative mood. He crouched silently on the bench and stared ahead. We tried to make conversation but it obviously wasn’t on the menu! We made our excuses and left him to his solitude.."

"..Lou Grade had sold the (1971) series as 26 episodes but Bob Baker sensibly cut this down to 24 meaning the budget for each episode of The Persuaders! came in at nearly £42,000.." 

(Room 16)


"This website is quite good." (Love it! gR)

"The Nice Rooms is firmly placed in the internet age of individual freedom"

"Is it an E-Zine?" 

"...a Blogzine"

"..a great art, music & film blog from the UK"

" Roll over (the late) Melody Maker, tell NME the news.."

"Good but a bit pretentious"     (We must have met  -  gR)

"Really Excellent!"

"The Nice Rooms is a very welcoming website and a great place to stop by on your tea break"

" me, discovering new music through The Nice Rooms is what it's all about.."

".. a very quirky and popular cult-ist website.."

"It is what it is."


"..fab website, The Nice Rooms."

"Thanks. The retro section worth a watch. So many memories.."

"Pop over and have a listen and look around it's a great site..retro sweets anyone ?"

"I'd definitely go there if it was a real place."

"Just indie and obviously proud of it. Please keep it this way."

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